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Sterek Week // Saturday: Texture Me Sterek

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“I crave touch, yet I flinch every time someone is close enough.”
I have become rather fearful I suppose. (via snowdealer)

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i want every other freckle…

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Who knew Silas was so handsome? He’s pretty dashing.

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Alpha, Beta, Omega
"It’s a spiral. Reminds us that we can all rise to one or fall to another."

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sometimes a teen wolf character will quote another teen wolf character

except they weren’t with them when they said that

so i am like

how do you know what they said?

is it like how all the photos they have are screen caps from the show???

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behind the scenes of Teen Wolf 3x02 “Chaos Rising” [x]

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Teen Wolf AU: So Stiles’ original plan of insinuating himself into every aspect of Derek’s life and making Derek fall in love with him - mostly by just being everywhere all the time - might not have worked as well as anticipated because Derek is a paranoid bastard, but from where Stiles is standing it looks like it all went okay anyway. 

Inspired by this post, except that it got sappier.
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